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5 Things We Learned: Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

Anna is busy, as all good students should be.

Scott Heavey

1. Grit & Determination

Sure, Derby County are in position for promotion what with being currently placed third and yes, we were a bit confused as to why Dougie Freedman would change a lineup that seems to be working so well for us recently, but despite the fact that Derby came out and continually put pressure on the Bolton Wanderers, you really wouldn't have known from the score. Derby controlled most of the first half (and some of the second) but never did they find their way past Adam Bogdan. The likes of Liam Trotter and Andre Moritz tried to continue Bolton's streak of goals but it just wasn't happening. Nevertheless, a point away at Derby isn't too bad.

2. 3 Clean Sheets in 4 Games

Let's be honest, remember when our defense was complete and utter crap? All these clean sheets are a dream come true. Tim Ream moving back to CB caused some slight panic, but in the end the defense pulled through, as they have been.

3. Zat Knight's improvement

And let's be honest, maybe part of the reason that our defense has been playing so well is because Zat Knight has actually made some continual improvement as of late. I mean, he even scored last week. Who is this guy?! I know some of you out there will still hate on the man (up to you, if you want to) but I'm seriously impressed. The best teams have no weakest link and if he was ours then I'd say we're on a roller coaster that only goes up.

4. Alan Hutton's Debut

Was I impressed? Eh. Then again, maybe I'll cut him some slack. It's almost confirmed we won't get playoffs this year (that's what they say anyway, but part of me begs to differ forever) so to go to Derby and not try for the win seems like a bit of a waste. As long as we're not in danger of being relegated I think we should go completely insane, see what far-fetched things work and don't work. Maybe Hutton's next chance at playing will allow for him to work his magic.

Or maybe he's just a bad signing.

Who knows, really?

5. 10 points in 4 games

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?!