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Yeovil Town v Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

17th v 23rd. Goals. More goals. A missed penalty. A Zat Knight goal. Wow.

So, you thought it would be easy against Yeovil Town, didn't you? Me too.

Apparently not though.

After an opening 20 minutes that was so energetic every commentator started hyperventilating, Bolton Wanderers did that thing that we forgot they usually do and just stopped playing football for a bit. Yeovil took the opportunity (they're not idiots, after all) and before the first half was even over Yeovil was winning 2-0 thanks to Ishmael Miller and Kevin Dawson.

Now normally, when Bolton is down 2-0 at the half, I decide to secretly call it quits. I mean, 45 minutes of watching the team fall apart usually leaves little optimism, even for me.

But the Bolton team that came out in the second half was something else. Lukas Jutkiewicz scored to cut Yeovil's lead in half and then who but Zat Knight with the header to tie it at 2. ZAT KNIGHT! Redemption much?!

Alex Baptiste was sent off with about 10 minutes left in the game and I can understand Dougie Freedman's tactic to replace Juke with David Wheater. With the way that team played the first half, the way Yeovil would have bursts of energy where all of their shots would get to close AND being down to 10 men? Taking the point might have been playing it safe, but can you imagine how heartbreaking it would have been if we had come back just to lose in the last possible minute?

Down 2-0 at the half, playing with 10 men in the second half, managing to get a point... doesn't sound too bad when you put it that way, right?

Whether you're happy or not with today's outcome, I think we can all agree that Blackpool and Wigan are must wins or else.