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Immediate Reaction: Bolton Wanderers 1 Wigan Athletic 1

Anna gave a lot of thought to today's match. Good, deep thought.

I thought a lot about how I'd handle today's immediate reaction.

A musical ode to Lukas Jutkiewicz? Maybe, until I realized I can't rhyme anything with his name.

A shoutout to Rob Hall, Chung-Yong Lee and Adam Bogdan for their efforts? Goes without saying we should be praising those guys (and Tim Ream, Jay Spearing and the others, too).

A super optimistic post about how we didn't lose and things can get better? You're all sick of hearing that, aren't you?

So instead, I'm going to do all three (minus the music, because really, what the hell rhymes with Jutkiewicz?!)

Let's start with Juke. He needs, needs, neeeeeeds to stay. I don't care if we have to start a "Keep Juke" fund and rely on donations or sell Gartside but the man needs to stay, he wants to stay and there's a chance Boro would let him stay. If Dougie Freedman gives up on that chance I may have to question his sanity....more than I do already when he makes defensive subs.

Remember how we all really wanted Spearing, to the point where it was all we as fans talked about? We worked for it and it happened and I really honestly think that if we came together we could make this happen too. Phil Gartside and Dougie Freedman may be the ones "in charge" but this is our club and it always will be.

The team. I'l admit when I saw the team sheet this morning I almost crawled back into bed and gave up. I mean, it's not the most comforting of sights to see a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-2-1 or whatever the hell we're playing that isn't something that usually works. But this team came out and gave it their all and despite only getting a point I am so extremely proud of them. It was a brilliant, brilliant game and while the result isn't my favorite, I couldn't start complaining about their performance as a whole if I tried. One of the most enjoyable games of the season, without a doubt, and we were just really unlucky not to win. If Wigan had the defender sent off for being the last man, it would have been a completely different game, but despite that, we managed to hold on thanks to the superhero that is Bogdan. (When you want to complain about him next time, remember this day, okay?)

Looking forward. For one day, let's just not. Enjoy the game you saw today (despite the mistakes here and there) and know that for a minute, it really could have ended a lot worse. The football season only lasts so long, so what's the point if we spend the whole of it it upset? The amount of people I spoke to today who said that they loved Bolton and would never give up reminds me that we could lose 1432-0 and I'd still think we were the best team in the world.

Because maybe there are days where other people can't see it, but we always can and that's the biggest victory of the day, isn't it?