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Local Minnows Wigan Cry Like Babies Following Draw

Warning: contains immature comments

Christopher Lee

Following the 1-1 draw between Bolton Wanderers and Wigan this weekend, and in conversation with the BEN, former Manchester City striker and current tin-pot two-bob outfit manager Uwe Rosler said:

"It was a clear foul for us, not against us. I asked the referee and the referee said it is not his fault my team can't defend!

"He has a point, but he (Rob Hall) put the free kick in a nice spot for them."

Regarding the draw, he also said:

"I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed," he said.

"We didn't perform today as we wanted to.

"The intensity and power Bolton Wanderers put on us, we couldn't cope with it. Or we weren't good enough.

Obviously it was a big day out for Wigan and their assorted fans, who, despite the short distance between the two sides clearly couldn't be bothered to drag themselves out of their slums to travel to a normal town with normal people, but this doesn't excuse the whinging nature of Rosler's comments.

It must have been nice for the Wigan fans, who it is believed still point to the sky in fright whenever an aeroplane flies overhead, to visit Bolton with its running water and competent education system.

More like U-whinge Rosler.....amirite?