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Freedman Considers Coaching Role for Stuart Holden

I think we all want our favourite American (sorry Tim), to stick around

Handsome Stu alongside Cro-Magnon man
Handsome Stu alongside Cro-Magnon man
Laurence Griffiths

Speaking to the BEN in the weekly press conference, Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman has been discussing the latest news around American midfielder Stuart Holden who suffered a reoccurrence of a knee injury previously incurred back in July.

Freedman said:

"I'm so disappointed for the lad, I went to see him the next night for a meal and a drink and he's a very positive person.

"I want to make it very clear that Stuart Holden will be here in some capacity at this football club - over my dead body is he leaving.

"I was going with the attitude ‘have you got it in your mindset to go again Stuart?'

"But before I got the question out he was telling me ‘I'm going back there to see my surgeon and if the worst comes to the worst, I'll be back training in pre-season, if it's the best possible news then I'll be back training before the end of the season.'

"And if he's got that attitude then I am backing him 100 per cent."

"I want Stuart here for many, many years in many different capacities. He's very unselfish, he's all about the football club, rather than take, take, take.

"That's what sort of person I am as well and I love to have that type around me."

Holden, a fan favourite ever since his 2010 arrival at the club from MLS under the supervision of former manager Owen Coyle, is currently awaiting the results of a scan on his knee, the results of which should be known in the next seven days.

It is not know whether Holden possesses any coaching qualifications or the desire to obtain them, but the sense in Freedman's words regarding his positive influence cannot be doubted.