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Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

It's a numbers game. 4-4-2. 2-0. 4-0. 5-1.

Scott Heavey

Either this is the best (and longest) dream I've ever had or divine intervention caused Dougie to play the 4-4-2 and turn Bolton Wanderers around.

Pinch yourself just in case, but I think this team is actually for real. As of this moment we're only 13 points off the playoffs (yes, 13!).

Bolton have scored 11 goals in the last 3 games and today's goal by Matt Smith in injury time for Leeds United is the only goal that Wanderers have allowed in those matches.

Joe Mason gave Bolton the lead at the end of what was a very dull and scrappy first half and was joined later on in the second half by Lukas Jutkiewicz, Zat Knight, Mark Davies and Andre Moritz, giving Bolton a 1-5 win at Elland Road.

All in all, this team is actually starting to look like...well a team. They're consistent (I know, weird, right?) and determined and I honestly don't think this is a fluke. Dougie has found the system that works and the players that work with it and it's all up from here.

The real question is, are you ready?