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Wanderers New Sponsor to Demand Club Changes Name

Me no likey

Alex Livesey

In a shocking turn of events, Bolton Wanderers' rumoured new sponsor, the Spanish drinks company behind 'Innocent Smoothies' have allegedly demanded that the club's name changes to that of FC Inocente.

Club chairman Phil Gartside was unavailable for comment when contacted by this website earlier this morning.

English football clubs have traditionally been named after the towns and cities within which they have existed, though this latest development marks a sinister change in the club/sponsor dynamic.

Whilst the name 'Wanderers' is by no means unique in the modern era, there are few examples of clubs changing name to satisfy investors and sponsors; New York Red Bulls are one, whilst more famously, Arsenal, named after Green Arrow's sidekick Roy Harper's alter-ego in the DC Comics universe.

Reaction from the notoriously prone-to-hissy-fit Bolton Wanderers online community is yet to be analysed, but perhaps instead of simply jumping on Twitter to express your displeasure maybe you should look in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and check the date x