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Immediate Reaction: Bolton v Barnsley

6 lineup changes? Whatever could go wrong?

Charlie Crowhurst

6 changes to the lineup would have terrified me a hell of a lot more if this season had been going differently.

The thing is, though, we're at the spot where we can afford to fiddle around with lineups and see what can be done for next season without fearing that we'll muck it up so much that we doom ourselves to relegation.

Be honest, with this lineup, a penalty to Barnsley AND them hitting the post, you didn't expect to win 1-0 did you? I mean, our own Jermaine Beckford goal came out of literally nothing after we had been pressured for a hell of a long time. But that goal set the movement for the second half and I think, given the circumstances, we did well.

I also think this game was a lot more important than we thought it would be. This was the time for Dougie Freedman to prove that he knows what he's doing, that all of his moves are calculated and thought out and then although he's human and makes mistakes, he really does know what he's doing at the end of the day. The overall confidence in him I saw earlier today was outstanding and sure, there's still some people who would love to see him leave or who think he's an idiot or any other name in the book but for the time being, he's doing what needs to be done and giving us what we want, no matter how unorthodox.