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Freedman Implicated in Cardiff/Palace Controversy

Bolton boss thought to have been involved in team leak revelations

I ain't dun nuffink
I ain't dun nuffink
Matthew Lewis

In a shocking twist of events, Bolton Wanderers boss and former Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman has been implicated in the recent Cardiff City / Palace 'leak' controversy having been named as the man who passed on a text message naming Cardiff's team.

In a five page document sent to the Premier League, Cardiff manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claims Palace sporting director Iain Moody sent the text to Freedman, although former Manchester United striker Solskjaer concedes that this took place accidentally.

Former Cardiff Director of Football Moody, now employed as sporting director at Place, is alleged to have sent Freedman the text with what he believed to be Cardiff's team.

It is being reported that the Bolton boss then passed the message on to Cardiff's manager who took his coaching badges at the same time as Freedman.

Cardiff went on to lose the game 3-0 at home though have since asked for the match to be replayed.

A spokesman said:

'A formal complaint has been submitted, concerning what we consider to be a serious breach of Premier League rules. We have asked for an investigation into the matter, which is now in the hands of Premier League officials who will report their findings in due course.

'At this time it would be inappropriate to discuss any specifics while the investigation is ongoing. The club has every faith in the process and will welcome the views of the Premier League.'