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Immediate Reaction: Bolton v Leicester

Well Leicester, you did it....

Michael Regan

Why do bad lineups happen to good people?

Is it because I picked up that face-down penny last week? Is it karma biting you in the ass for eating the last Jammie Dodger and then lying to your grandmother about it? Maybe, just maybe, this is what you get when you make fun of poor Suzy or Johnny's haircut behind their back on the greatest day of their lives?

Probably not.

The real answer is that our manager, poor, old Dougie Freedman, just doesn't know when to stop tinkering. I mean, for all you super pessimistic people who continually remind me how dumb I am to think we have even a fourth of a shot of winning any game would absolutely love to know that I expected us to get our asses handed to us today. I mean, Leicester? They were meant to win the championship. And playing 5 in the back at home? It's like we were asking for them to make us look like fools the whole way to the final whistle so we could lay down and have them walk across our backs to the trophy.

Time out. That sounds ridiculous, right? It should, because I didn't mean a single word of it (well, besides the 5 in the back bit. Kinda disappointed about Juke being absent too). Maybe the 7 game undefeated streak is over and maybe Llyod Dyer managed to slip one in past Adam Bogdan but really, after the way this season started out, I think it's safe to say no one expected a 5-0 Bolton win against the projected champions.

Sure, it sucks that another team has won in the Reebok and that it's still not us, but we're getting there, we really are. It's been a hell of a season and the next can only be an improvement, so let's do something different this time.

No negative comments about Dougie or the team or the quality of play today. Tweet about it all you want, comment on any other LoVS article, do whatever you'd like. But on this post, just for today, tell me what you want to see go differently next season (DON'T say a new manager. Get creative, people!) so that next time there's a trophy being hoisted up, it's rightfully ours.