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Immediate Reaction: Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers

3 goals in 30 minutes? Uh...yes please.

Isolate those first 30 minutes, package them up and reproduce them every game for a whole season.

THAT'S the Bolton Wanderers football I want to see. Sheffield Wednesday didn't even know how to react and for nearly a whole half it was the Wanderers playing the football we've wanted to see all season long. Neil Danns with the opener, Chung-Yong Lee with his second of the season and a Liam Trotter wonder goal from 35 yards out to seal the half. Bolton could have had 6 in the first half with all the times Jermaine Beckford got called offsides, but they truly did deserve their 3. Sure, the Joe Mattock strike poked a couple of holes in our dreams, but at least it was a damn good goal to give up, right?

That's what I don't get about this do we go from those fantastic 30 minutes to nearly lifeless in the second half? Today's game isn't the first instance of this happening and it's most upsetting on days like today, when it's so clear that we do have the talent to get somewhere. Why can't we just have games where we're tearing the other team apart start to finish? Why do we have to settle for one half?

Despite that, I think the boys put in a solid effort today (or maybe we really just are lucky in Yorkshire). I'm not going to say something like "a win is a win" because we all know that some are fought for harder than others, and I honestly think despite not scoring once in the second half, this one classifies as one of those. Just because it stayed 3-1 doesn't mean there weren't chances that just missed or crosses that were barely wide. We played well as a team, and while it might be "too late" or "not enough", this game is still important in going where we want to go.

And then again....who could ever turn down a Liam Trotter wonder goal?!