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LOV's Bolton Wanderers Season Awards - Your Say

It's that time again!

Jan Kruger

So we all know that this has been a poor season. Our glorious leader, Dougie Freedman, has overseen a season which at best can be described as transitional - but is really just a bag of phenomenal shite.

We'd like to invite you, dear readers of this fair website, to take the following categories and discuss your nominations in the comments box below the line (you may need to register for this).

A selection of those considered the 'best' will be published before the home game against Birmingham City this weekend.

The categories are:

BWFC Player of the Year:
BWFC Runner-up Player of the Year:
BWFC Young Player of the Year:
BWFC Goal of the Season:
BWFC Most Memorable Match:
BWFC Worst Player of the Year:

Feel free to go into as much depth as you want in your answers, the more complete the better of course, and the more likely you are to be picked for the follow-up bit.

Happy writing and as ever, COYWM.