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Who Should Stay & Who Should Go?

It's that time of the season again when we think about regrouping and rebuilding ahead of a new season

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

So it has been a somewhat disappointing season for Bolton Wanderers under the 'leadership' of Dougie Freedman.

Results have been consistently inconsistent, and barring that somewhat misleading run of form in March and April we've really struggled for form.

Some blame the manager, some blame the players, whilst most seem to blame the chairman. I even saw one person blame Eddie Davies. I'm surprised no-one has pointed the finger of blame at the guy who can't kick straight during the half-time activities.

But I digress.

This time of year brings about the traditional period of re-evaluation with a mind to rebuilding ahead of a new season in the Championship.

So who should stay, and who should go? We have a fairly large squad, so I've grouped both categories into a top five.

Five to Stay


The Hungarian stopper has returned from injury a man transformed. I don't mean this in a transgender way but seemingly gone is the nervy and unreliable kid of before, instead in his place is a more assured and more solid goalkeeper. The experts say that keepers mature later than other outfielders, and Boggers' progress seems to vindicate this belief.


Touted as a possible sale with which to earn Dougie some transfer tokens, I would contend that we need to keep our better players in order to give us a fighting chance at doing a darn sight better next season. We won't do that by losing our more experienced and more talented players. We could earn a few million by selling Davies, but could we adequately replace him? Doubt it.


The sort of solid Championship footballer upon which promotion campaigns are built. An eager beaver with the talent to match, he's an upgrade on the likes of Darren Pratley and someone whom we should be looking to tie down before too long. I did read online that he's paid £20,000 per week at Leicester and I would be of the opinion that he'd be lucky to get a third of that at the new streamlined (read: cheap) Bolton Wanderers.


A divisive figure among supporters, but a player whom I have seen great improvement this season. Now this might be because previously he was utter dogwank, but his improvement has been marked. I felt for him, having to play at left back due to the Marc Tierney situation, but despite this he has been one of our better performers. He's not perfect by any stretch but I do think he can bring more to the table.


I was a doubter, I don't mind admitting. Despite this, since his arrival he has helped us immensely. His presence up front has given us an outlet that the likes of Jermaine Beckford just cannot produce. The Juke has great ability in terms of holding the ball up and bringing others into play. He's very much like Kevin Davies in respect of his presence as a distraction to oppo defenders - but he scores more goals. His form has dipped slightly in the last three weeks, but that doesn't put me off. Sign him, please.

Five to Go


Fair play to Zat, his last dozen appearances have been alright. However, this doesn't excuse the previous 150 times in which he was a disgrace. His contract is finally coming to an end, and not before time he should be shown the door to allow younger (and better) defenders to come through.


The Korean winger has been at Bolton Wanderers for almost five years now, making nigh on 150 appearances for the Greatest Club in the World. I'd argue that his stock has never been lower. He will likely be one of our highest earners and he does not produce enough to justify the outlay. Time to cash in on what reputation he still has and cut ties.


Inherited the title "Most Frustrating Player" last in the hands of Johan Elmander, Beckford is meant to be a striker, but he's about as deadly as a lampshade. He misses chances, he stuffs up our approach play, and worst of all he does that stupid 'thumbs up' sign to his teammates whenever they misplace a pass to him. I don't like him. He has been a poor signing from the Dougster. Yes, I do know that he's our top scorer, but I don't like him.


An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Christopher Mark Eagles has shown, in the past, just what a solid player he is at this level. However, this season he has gone from a major player in our team to an afterthought. Now, rumours abound that he and Dougie have had a falling out over a less-than-generous contract renewal offer to the former Manchester United winger, but to have him completely absent from the match day squad for nigh on three months is a waste and a damned shame. It's another shame, but I think a parting of the ways is inevitable.


A predictable one perhaps, but a necessary one. Has he fulfilled his remit since arriving? I'd say no. Granted he's had to work with one hand tied behind his back but has he achieved anything that Owen Coyle wouldn't have achieved? Nope. Has he improved the playing staff? Hardly. Has he improved the club's league positions? Not a chance. Has he alienated a large portion of the fanbase through his bonkers team selections, bizarre press conferences and reliance on loan signings? Yep. I think he should go. I'm not daft (honest), I realise that he is more than likely going to stay - but I'm of the opinion that his time is up.

Feel free to agree, and feel free to use the comments section below to tell me just how wrong I am.