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My BWFC Player of the Year: Tim Ream

I've bloody gone for it, come at me!

Scott Heavey

Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing me, following me on twitter or even sitting in the vicinity of me at Bolton Wanderers games - in which I'm prone to shout "Go on Tim!" constantly and literally collapse to the floor when he enters the realms of scoring a goal - will know, that I bloody love Tim Ream, and this season that perpetual devotion has finally been justified.

I feel the American has stepped up his game considerably this season and drastically improved on areas he earned justified criticism for i.e his strength in the air and in the tackle.

Ream seems to have been hitting the weights,with Ishmael Miller and Emmerson Boyce aside, he is no longer easily shoved off the ball like he was on the first day of last season and he is also a lot more competent in the air. He's saved the team from conceding chances on many occasions due to solid tackling and being quite good at covering and tracking back.

In what has often been a chaotic defence this season, Ream has frequently been the calming influence on a lot of occasions, always looking to pass the ball out of defence when possible, instead of just hoofing clear, which is a handy trait to posses when you play for such a possession orientated team such as ours.

I also believe that without Ream this season, we'd be far, far worse off, due to his versatility. After losing Marc Tierney so early in the season and then being left back-less since, he has filled the gap excellently in my opinion considering it isn't his natural position, he's kept many a winger at bay.

Being at left back has also allowed him to venture forward with the ball, something he's surprisingly good at, creating three assists for his team mates this season.

Overall he's just been very solid for most of the season, what more could you possibly want? Plus it can not be denied that he looks proper bad-ass with that mask.

Am I biased? of course.

Will people pick my argument for Ream to be Player of the Year apart? Most definitely. Will he be it anyway?

He already is.

Dare to Zlatan?