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Dougie Freedman Puts Foot in Mouth Again

When will this clown ever learn?

Matthew Lewis

Dougie Freedman, manager of Bolton Wanderers and full-time idiot, has put his foot in his mouth again.

In an interview with the BEN, Freedman said:

"Everyone knew him at Bradford, where he scored a lot of goals, but I think he's struggled with his price tag.

"I think they bought him to push on into the play-offs but experience tells me money is never really the answer.

"They threw money at it and I think he's struggled a bit with the expectation that he's come in to get them up there"

For some unknown reason, Freedman added:

"Huddersfield started very well but it's a long old season and they are starting to find that when you have one or two players missing it can catch up with you.

"One or two injuries have caught up with them and the boy Wells has not really hit the ground running."

Now we all know that Bolton's season is effectively over after Lukas Jutkiewicz's heroics saved the club from the manager's brilliance which led the famous club to the brink of relegation to League One, but do we really want our manager to be inspiring the opposition players with comments such as these?

It's absolutely baffling.

The sooner the season ends and we sack this joker the better.

Freedman out.