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Dougie "I'm Happy with Liam Trotter's Progress"

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Michael Steele

In an unbelievable turn of events, Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman has told the BEN of his delight in the progress of much-maligned Milwall loanee Liam Trotter.

Trotter, whose performances for the club can best be described by posting a photo of a turd, has the backing of the manager if not the fans.

Freedman said:

"It has taken Liam a couple of months to get up to speed and how we want to train - but I think we've seen a glimpse of how they are going to be."

He also spoke of former West Ham man Rob Hall and said:

"I think it was a good point against a local rival - and I think Liam and Rob both not only proved themselves but also showed what their future is going to be. I'm really pleased for them. I've got all my faith in them as players."

I wish we as fans could say the same.