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Immediate Reaction: Doncaster v Bolton

Matthew Lewis

Bolton Wanderers 2 - 1 Doncaster Rovers

Not bad, eh?

Is there really anything else to say about the improvement of this team that hasn't been said?

Today's formation was greeted with a lot of happiness and it's no clue as to why. Within the first 20 minutes of the game Bolton had already nailed two goals courtesy of Neil Danns and Joe Mason while Doncaster chalked one up thanks to David Cotterill.

The match was a chaotic one in the first half, with both teams vying for control constantly. Bolton started out fast with Mason making it behind the defense before being crowded out. It's no secret that playing with two up top benefits Bolton greatly, especially when one of those strikers is Lukas Jutkiewicz. While seemingly quiet today compared to his other appearances, the shots Juke did take really showcased his confidence here at Bolton. He had one shot in the first half from about 30 yards out that was absolutely killer, troubling Sam Johnstone for a bit until he managed to control it. I would have needed a thesaurus to describe that goal if it had gone in, but the fact that he's beginning to even take shots like that is good news for us and horrid news for other teams. I'd brace myself if I were them.

Two things to note though:

1) Dougie Freedman's most likely never going to quit with the defensive substitutions, even when we're winning. I'm really curious if he's just really a big fan of routine or what? It obviously costs us the game sometimes and it's just ugh.

2) Joe Mason leaves Saturday and we need him to stay please and thank you.

I'm proud of how well the team coped through a brutal second half and even more amazed that Dougie made a defensive(ish) substitution only to go back to the 4-4-2 and let us seal the deal.

Maybe he's finally getting the clue, or maybe the boos today were just really loud....either way, bring on Barnsley!