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Bolton Wanderers Design Your Own Kit Competition

We've seen some shockers floating around, so we wanna know....what would YOUR dream kit look like?

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Paul Thomas

With all the rumors circulating about our new kit courtesy of Macron, we here at Lion of Vienna Suite were interested in YOUR dream kit. After seeing an array of ideas on twitter, we thought we'd open up the site to you and offer the opportunity to design your own kit. Some templates we found on Google are below, but a quick search will get you loads of other templates so feel free to use whichever works best for your designs.

Submit your designs until the end of the month as we'll be showcasing some of our favorites!

Plus I promise to print out multiple copies of the winning design (as voted by all the readers) and then stuff them under every door at Macron's facility in Bologna.

Or, you know, at least try.

Some templates you can use:



and if you want a go at the shorts and socks too:


If you need some inspiration, you might have a look here for Bolton kits through out history.  Those that like realism, here are some of Macron's other designs.  Have at it!