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LOVS World Cup Fantasy Football

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Richard Heathcote

Okay guys, I know we're very late on this but we're going to run a Lion of Vienna World Cup Fantasy Football league over at the

It's all very simple, if you have already used the service previously or have a Sun+ account then you can log in and select your team, if you have never used the site before, check out the rules, and go through the registration process.

Once you're in, go through to the mini league section and search for Lion of Vienna - the league PIN is 8188296 and the password: LoVS.

I'll be posting updates throughout the tournament, if you need any help, tweet me @christyldesleyy

- As a side note, this is a 'just for fun' league however if you want to put some money on the line then again, tweet me letting me know you're interested and I'll see if we have enough to make it interesting.