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Chris M's World Cup Predictions

Turn of the wise one....or is it

Richard Heathcote

So yesterday my esteemed colleague @Murbroski penned his World Cup predictions. Never knowingly outdone, I thought I would offer my own - comments below the line welcome:

Winners - Germany

Second Place - Brazil

Semi Finalists - Spain, Netherlands

Golden Ball Winner - Mario Gotze (Germany)

Top Goal Scorer - Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Golden Glove Winner - Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Best Young player - Danny Welb....nah Neymar (Brazil)

Teams Who Might Surprise Us - Ivory Coast, Bosnia and USA

Fifa Fair Play Trophy - Brazil

Where Will England Finish? - I think we'll get out of our group, but that's about it.

England's Top Goal Scorer - Has to be Daniel Sturridge

Bonus Ball: Cristiano Ronaldo to whip his shirt off at any given opportunity.

I love the World Cup. Bring it on.

We'll be offering coverage of the tournament via these very pages with focus and insight into the daily happenings at the world's biggest football competition.