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Liam's World Cup Predictions

Liam gives us his predictions for the upcoming tournament. Please bear in mind these are likely to be very accurate and if you do not want the competition spoiled, please avert your eyes

Neymar Jr: Destined for immortalisation
Neymar Jr: Destined for immortalisation
Julian Finney

Following on from Chris' efforts earlier, I thought I would give you my World Cup predictions whether you want them or not - I'm that sort of person:

Winners - Brazil

Second Place - Argentina

Semi Finalists - Brazil, Argentina, Germany, USA

Golden Ball Winner - Neymar (Brazil)

Top Goal Scorer - Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Golden Glove Winner - Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Best Young player -  Neymar (Brazil) & Julian Draxler (Germany)

Teams Who Might Surprise Us - England, Bosnia and Chile

Fifa Fair Play Trophy - Costa Rica, although I don't really know (or care)

Where Will England Finish? - Quarter Finals, although I think this team is the most well balanced and capable in years, do not be surprised if England exceed expectations and entertain whilst doing so.

England's Top Goal Scorer - Daniel Sturridge, although Cahill & Jags will no doubt contribute.

Bonus Ball: Not having those blasted vuvuzelas ruining this tournament.

Again, be sure to leave your own predictions below.