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Mark's World Cup Predictions

Now it's the turn of our old mate Mark to unleash his World Cup thoughts

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Following the work of the other LOV writers recently, we asked our old buddy Mark Yesilevskiy for his predictions ahead of tonight's big kick off.

All debate welcome below the line as usual:

Winners - Argentina

Second Place - Spain

Semi Finalists - Brazil, Belgium

Golden Ball Winner - Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Top Goal Scorer - Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

Golden Glove Winner - Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Best Young player - Paul Pogba (France)

Teams Who Might Surprise Us - Chile, United States, England

Fifa Fair Play Trophy - France

Where Will England Finish? - Into the quarterfinals given the relative lack of strength in Group C, who they would face if they got out of their group.

England's Top Goal Scorer -Daniel Sturridge

Bonus Ball - American fans being scared stupid ahead of all of the team's Group G matches.