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Michael's World Cup Predictions

Everybody is getting in on the prediction game. Let's see if Michael is better than the octopus.

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
Buda Mendes

We are all aware of Michael's vast football knowledge from his occasional posts here on Lion of Vienna Suite.  He is putting that prestige on the line with his World Cup predictions!

Winners - Brazil

Second Place - Germany

Semi Finalists - Spain, Netherlands

Golden Ball Winner - Hulk (Brazil)

Top Goal Scorer - Thomas Müller (Germany)

Golden Glove Winner - Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Best Young player - Mario Götze (Germany)

Teams Who Might Surprise Us - Bosnia, Hondouras, Colombia

Fifa Fair Play Trophy Ghana

Where Will England Finish? - Will struggle to clear the group. First knockout round at best

England's Top Goal Scorer - Adam Lallana with a whopping 2 goals

Bonus Ball: Luis Suarez to get sent off against England

Don't forget to put your own picks in the comments section below or in a fan post.  We are putting ourselves out there, you should too!