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Bolton Linked to Defender Jonathan Parr

Former Crystal Palace defender and Norway International Jonathan Parr was signed by Dougie Freedman once before. Now the Bolton Wanderers manager believes Parr maybe the solution to the left back problems at the Ree…er, Macron Stadium.

Jamie McDonald

Defender Jonathan Parr is out of contract at Crystal Palace.  This means he is available on a free transfer.  Any player available on a free transfer is going to catch Bolton Wanderers' eye.  But Parr is not just any player.  He is a full international with ten appearances for Norway under his belt.  He also played in the Premier league last season and acquitted himself fairly well in limited appearances.  In addition to all of that, it was Dougie Freedman, current Wanderers manager, who initially brought Parr to the sunny shores of England.

All that said, the most important aspect of Parr may be his left foot.  Parr is a natural left back.  Bolton only have one natural left back on the books, Marc Tierney.  And Tierney, who has been out with injury since last fall, had another setback recently which has made him unavailable for at least a further three months.  In all honesty, it seems kind of silly to expect Tierney to make any real contribution in the upcoming season.

Get it done Dougie!