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2014/15 Championship Tin Pot Losers: Wolves

Chris takes a look at the latest addition to the 2014/15 Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Scott Heavey

Part five of this pre-season preview series sees Chris look at another of the clubs who will be entering the 2014/15 Championship where they will face the mighty Bolton Wanderers, it's time for a look at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Also - if you thought the other articles were petty, then you ain't seen nuttin' yet.


Ex-Millwall manager Kenny Jackettis a former Welsh international footballer, who has since moved into management. He is the head coach of League One club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

From 2004 to 2007 he was manager of Swansea City, leading the club to promotion and several trophies. He served as Millwall manager for six seasons, again bringing a promotion, before resigning in May 2013; weeks later he began his current role at the worst, most pathetic club in existence.


Molyneux holds 30, 852 fans and was constructed in 1889, which coincidentally is back when the people of Wolverhampton last had a bath.

Truly one of the most aesthetically displeasing and generic of football stadia, Molyneux (German for 'Basket of Twats'), the stadium is rarely full and often contains an unpleasant odour which is linked to the poor bathing habits of the local population, many of whom speak to one another in grunts and by beating their chests such is their lack of education.

Tenuous Link with Bolton Wanderers

Forever in our shadow, Wolves copied the 'Wanderers' moniker from the more successful Bolton back in the 19th Century - they also have their own tinpot Nat Lofthouse copycat in Billy Wright though of course nobody really remembers him.

They have spent the majority of their time in the lower leagues, much like ourselves, however they have done so with the minimum class possible and this led to one of the most famous chants in English football history - targeted at Wolves' famed goalscorer 'Steve Bull'.

The chant goes "Who's shit? Bull's shit". Though of course this could be ascribed to Wolves in general.

How Will Their Season Progress?

Relegation beckons for Wolves.

Humiliation is a certainty, and it'll be nice to see them back in the league if only for our guaranteed six points, which will be most welcome.

Player to Watch

There is nobody to worry about in this current crop, but let's have a laugh at them anyway.

Steve Froggatt's career lasted from 1991 until 2001, when he announced his retirement after failing to recover from injury. He began his career Aston Villa as a trainee, before turning professional and making his debut for the team in 1991.

He was sold to First Division Wolverhampton Wanderers in July 1994 for £1million, where he linked up again with Graham Taylor who had given him his YTS contract at Aston Villa. Froggatt joined Premier League Coventry City for £1.9million in October 1998, by coincidence making his debut against his first club.

Do We Have Beef with Them?

You're not wrong.