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Match Report: Brondby IF 1 v Bolton Wanderers 1

Our old friend Michael made the international journey to watch Bolton's first preseason friendly. This is what he had to say about it.

Charlie Crowhurst

Anybody who follows me on Twitter will have seen me waxing lyrical about how wonderful Copenhagen is. It's a beautiful, friendly city. Stunning architecture, big open green spaces and a pub/bar/cafe on nearly every street and more statues than Bolton's defence when anybody runs at them with pace.

If you ever get the chance to visit, heed the following pieces of advice otherwise you may have a bad time.

1) Everybody drives and rides on the wrong side of the road so obey the green man.

2) Never walk in a cycle lane. People angrily dinging bells at you will be the least of your worries.

3) If offered Gammel Dansk, politely decline. That stuff is lethal.

On Thursday night, I, along with about 70 others, made the 20 minute trip on the B line S-Tog out to the suburb of Brøndby to see our beloved in action for the first time this pre-season.

Now, in terms of stadiums, I personally like to visit them, and I was very very impressed. I thought it looked good from the outside and liked its bowl style upper tier and it's individual lower tiers. It also had a terrace behind one goal and you could enjoy a beer whilst watching the game, both winners for me. The only issue is that it was a 20 minute walk from the nearest train station, which, after several beers is tricky to negotiate.

As for the game itself, Bolton Wanderers set up in Dougie Freedman's favoured 4-5-1 formation, mixing a blend of youth, experience and new recruits. The less said about the first half the better. We couldn't keep hold of the ball, nor could we get it back off a side who were, in terms of technique, fairly impressive, even with the handicap of Johan Elmander up front.

I may have been drunk but I'm still going with Elmander's goal being the result of poor goalkeeping, or a mishit cross/pass which caught Lonergan out. I refuse to accept that he meant that.

Cian Bolger had a decent half, as did Oscar Threlkeld. Unfortunately, Georg Iliev was isolated in the wide left role and struggled to make an impact. As for the rest, well, the less said the better. The only positive of Jermaine Beckford missing his penalty was me apparently being seen on the live stream giving the thumbs up at half time.

In the second half, the changes were rung and we looked a lot better. The likes of Neil Danns, Darren Pratley and Craaaaiiiiiggggg DAVIES were willing to run at the Brøndby defence more and no mistake was made second time from the spot.

There were also a few tasty challenges from both sides, in particular Pratley and Rob Hall, who got a yellow and a red card, respectively. Jay Spearing also put someone on their arse with a good old power push.

I'd like to tell you something about Modou Barrow or 'Mudo' as he was announced. Unfortunately he was stuck out on the left wing and, like Georg Iliev in the first half, was very much isolated.

On Sunday we make a trip an hour to the South West of Copenhagen to Slagelese to take on Vestjællands. As long as I'm not too drunk I'll send you a report