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Friendly: Vestsjællands 0 v Bolton Wanderers 1

Our Man in Scandinavia saw his second pre-season friendly in a week, and he even remembers some of it.

Liam Feeney, that's FEEney...
Liam Feeney, that's FEEney...
Charlie Crowhurst

Armed with either a raging hangover, or the possibility that I was still drunk; I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure which, I set off from my new base in Malmö for a 30 minute trip back across Öresundsbron or Øresundsbroen depending on whether you are of a Swedish or Danish persuasion.

From Copenhagen it was then approximately 60 miles to Slagelse on the Western side of the Island of Zealand, or in Danish, Vestsjællands. I will admit, going to a town with Slag as part of it's name did raise a smile, in the same sort of childish way Ramsbottom always does.

After deciphering the ticket machines at Copenhagen Central Station which was difficult, even after pressing the ignorant foreigner button and then working out which train I needed, I headed to the platform to wait and decided a coffee would help my well being.

Unfortunately this was not the case. The smell off coffee triggered memories of the previous nights escapades which included one of more Irish coffees and leads to today's top tips.

1) Never ever try to out drink a half Irish, half Swede. You may be successful as, apparently, I was, but you will suffer badly the next day.

2) Żubrówska Vodka and apple juice is amazing.

3) If trying to explain to a Swede who you support and they ask if any Swedes have played for your club, Christian Wilhelmsson raises less of a laugh than Johan Elmander.

Anyways, after a few very reasonably priced beers in a pub in Slagelse, (£1.50 a bottle) the perfect way to over come a hangover, we made out way to the Harboe Arena, approximately a 20 minute walk from the train station through what is a pretty little town.

As for the stadium, calling it a cowshed would be a disservice to cowsheds. It was like a relic from the forgotten Soviet era, with two massive tellies at either end. That said, we got a roof, beer and the hotdogs were excellent, if, in true Scandinavian style, self assembly.

The game itself wasn't the best. Bolton again going 4-5-1 with Oscar Threlkeld showing his versatility, starting at left back. I wash very impressed with the trialist Yosh Weller in the centre of midfield and a decent first half was capped with a good team goal, prodded home by Liam Feeney.

Much to the amusement of the 30 odd Bolton fans, and Craig Davies in particular, the announcers inability to pronounce the players name correctly was greeted with chants of 'Freeney, Freeney, Freeney', 'Give us a wave Freeney, Freeney' and 'One Liam Freeney'. Craig Davies was pissing himself.

Thomas Mikkelsen in the Vestsjællands goal also made a number of good saves from Craig Davies and Georg Iliev, one double in particular to deny both players as Bolton failed to take good chances.

Into the second half, the only incident of note was when Rasmus Festersen put a penalty over the bar after what looked like a harsh penalty was awarded against Dorian Dervite for handball. For some reason we had the wand wavers behind the goal and it looked like he gave it.

After that, both teams made a number of changes and the game fizzled into nothing. It was however a first win of pre season and some signs were promising. The fact that Joe Riley, Josh Vela and Threlkeld all got 90 minutes, the latter finishing in midfield, combined with more game time for Iliev and Cian Bolger would suggest that Freedman may be looking internally for players to strengthen the squad but I'm sure the bingo machine will be back soon.

Next up for Bolton is a trip to Mjallby in Southern Sweden on Wednesday. Unfortunately I have to return to work so won't be able to make it. I'm gutted.