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How Do Moxey's Stats Compare With Our Other Fullbacks?

Dan takes a tedious look through the stats, to see how our new signing, Dean Moxey, compares to our other full backs.

Clive Rose

Dean Moxey, who signed for Bolton Wanderers on a free transfer yesterday, made 20 appearances for Crystal Palace in the Premier League last season. In that time he had a pass accuracy of 68%, won 57% of his duals, created six chances, made an average of six defensive actions a game and made zero defensive errors.

So how does this compare with our other full backs, and what does it tell us?

Well, his main competitor, Marc Tierney, only managed to make four appearances for Bolton last season due to having his season ended through injury, but in that time he had a pass accuracy of 74%, won 52% of his duels, made 13 chances, an average of nine defensive actions per game and zero defensive errors.

The much loathed Alex Baptiste made a total of 39 appearances this season, his pass accuracy was the same as Moxey's at 68%, and he also won 57% of his duels, he made a lot more chances with 29, slightly more defensive actions per game at eight and according to Squaka, only one defensive error, but we all know that's more.

Keeping in mind that Tim Ream played a lot of games at centre back, and there isn't a way to differentiate from when he played there or left back, he had a much higher pass accuracy with 74%, won more of his duels 61%, also made eight defensive actions a game and apparently made two defensive mistakes.

And that's all the fullbacks we've got right?

So while these stats maybe a bit convoluted, as Moxey was playing in a higher league, played less games and his stats tell us very little of how he actually plays, they do suggest that he is quite a solid left back, considering he didn't make one defensive error, where as two of our other fullbacks did, and he won the majority of his duels; he seems competent on both the floor and in the air as he won 56% of his tackles 72% of his headed duels.

His lack of chances created connotes that he doesn't get forward much as our other fullbacks do, or if he does, his crossing isn't the best, but that could be a positive thing as it would mean we'd be a lot more solid at the back if he wasn't always lost upfield, and I'd rather have my defenders be good at defending than attacking. But on the other hand, it does mean we'd lose that dynamic of an overlapping fullback.

So, yeah, it seems he is a very solid left back, but I will make my full opinion once I've seen him play a few games, he adds good competition and cover in the left back position nevertheless.

Stats via Squawka.