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Middlesbrough to Keep Hold of Juke??

Middlesbrough's manager has been a-chattin

Michael Regan

Speaking to the Gazette Live yesterday, Middlesbrough manager and former Real Madrid and Championship Manager 00/01 hardman Aitor Karanka has been discussing the future of Bolton Wanderers transfer target Lukas Jutkiewicz who has been the subject of speculation following his successful loan spell last season.

Karanka said:

Aitor Karanka admits he doesn't know if Lukas Jutkiewicz will be wearing a Boro shirt at the start of the season.

"I am happy because he is training very well, he recovered his confidence at Bolton last season,"

"Everybody told me ‘Juke is scoring goals in Bolton and we aren't scoring' but it was a good decision because he recovered his confidence.

"He's not a new player, obviously, but I can see the difference on the training pitch, he is scoring goals and he is happy.

"He is my player now and I will always speak well about my players. In the future, you never know, the market will decide, but now he is my player and I am thinking about him as my player."

So as you can see, his future is as clear as mud.

25 year old Southampton-born Jutkiewicz made 20 appearances on loan for Bolton, scoring 7 goals.