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Baps Pinched in Bum-Nip Shocker!

Took me ages to think of that headline

Clint Hughes

The Bolton News has today reported that Bolton Wanderers' defender Alex Baptiste was today arrested following an incident where an unnamed assailant pinched his wife's bottom.

Yes, you read that right.

The former Blackpool and Mansfield full-back was nicked and bailed on suspicion of actual bodily harm after a brawl outside UBER bar in Poulton le Flyde, near Blackpool.

The bottom nipper was knocked clean out by Baptiste, and allegedly lost several teeth in the assault, with a witness reporting that:

"What happened was virtually under the noses of the two officers. It was one punch but one big punch."

Clearly Baps has a mean old right hook. Of course at LOV we completely condemn any sort of violence, but I think most of us would react in a similar fashion as the 28 year old Baptiste.

Baptiste made 39 appearances for the club last season, scoring four goals along the way.