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World Cup Round Up: Brazil 1-7 Germany

Dan attempts to articulate words to describe that unbelievable game.

Robert Cianflone


You watch most football matches not really thinking about the magnitude of the game: how long it will be talked about, what will happen in the aftermath, how big it really is.

Mainly because there's little need to do so for most football matches. But make no mistake, Germany's complete and utter annihilation of Brazil, will be talked about for decades to come and very well could shift the landscape of Brazilian and International football.

We watched history being written last night, and even though I watched it in my bedroom, 5,652 miles away, I still feel privileged to have witnessed it.

Brazil started the game brightly in fairness, little does it matter. They won a  corner, Hulk got into a dangerous position but his cross was well held by Neuer. It was an exciting, open start and Brazil were winning every 50/50, with Germany looking a bit weak in the tackle and not getting a sured foot on the ball.

The openness of the game would not last long.

A strong German counter attack down the right hand side resulted in the Germans winning a corner. David Luiz, was blocked off in what was a clever set piece, meaning Thomas Müller, was left unmarked at the back post to side foot a volley past Julio Cesar in the Brazil goal.

Brazil had been rattled by the early goal and had lost their way, epitomised when Hulk chipped an aimless ball hopelessly out of play. They did manage to find their way into the box, but the player bearing down on goal was rebuffed by a perfectly timed Philipp Lahm challenge. Had he got it wrong, it would surely have resulted in a penalty.

Thankfully for the Germans, he didn't, and then six minutes of mind bending chaos ensued.

Fernandinho missed Müller's pass from the right hand side in to the centre, Toni Kroos managed to take the ball under control then threaded a pass into the path of Müller, who flicked back to Miroslav Klose, the German sharpshooter's first shot was saved by Cesar but, as many goalkeeper before him, he could do nothing to stop Klose on the rebound as he buried his historic 16th goal in World Cup tournaments, to break Ronaldo's record and become the all time top goal scorer. And against the very team Ronaldo played for, what a narrative.

Germany continued to push, Mesut Özil laying on Philipp Lahm down the right, Müller hit the air instead of the ball Lahm played, but Kroos did no such thing. Displaying tremendous technique to leather the ball into the bottom corner.

Tears were flowing and boos were ringing aloud, before the atmosphere inside the stadium went eerily dead, the sound of millions of dreams being severely kicked in the face.

Germany were relentless, showing no signs of mercy or that their desire to score had gone away, the utterly dreadful Fernandinho lost possession thirty plus yards from goal to Kroos, who laid the ball off to Sami Khedira, with the goalkeeper and the only defenders back committed, all the Real Madrid midfielder needed to do was pass it back to Kroos, who obliged to tap into an empty net.

Brazil were pathetic. A complete embarrassment to their country. Without Thiago Silva they had no backbone, no leader. David Luiz was hopeless with out him: caught out of position for every goal, too arrogant to track runners but sprinted forward to shoot from forty yards, hitting countless hero passes to no where and surrendering possession and he should have been sent off for about four different elbows into the gullet of German players. He's just been bought for €50million.





With out Neymar they had no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck, no one to be brave, no one to attack, no one to be the spark and create something, no one to fight back when their backs were against the wall. They had nothing.

They deserved everything they got.

The first half drought was concluded when Mats Hummels was allowed to carry the ball forward and slip it through to Kedira, he laid it off to Özil, the much wrongly criticised playmaker quickly passed back to Kedira who slotted into the corner.

I could not quite believe what I was watching, but I was laughing my arse off. As the Germans would say - schadenfreude.

Half time was met with a melody of boos from the Brazil fans who actually remained in the ground, with lots of people having seen enough and already going home.

Brazil introduced Ramires and Paulinho for Hulk and Fernandinho at the interval, with Germany taking off Hummels, who'd aggravated his knee, for Per Mertesacker.

Brazil benefited from the half time changes and they started the half quite well, forcing Neuer into several saves, which he of course made: he had to palm away a dangerous cross and then save from Oscar on the follow up, who should have scored. Then he made a remarkable double save from Paulinho, saving two powerful drives from point blank range.

Julio Cesar then actually got to touch the ball whilst it was still in play, tipping over Müller's bending shot.

Brazil again came close, but unfortunately from them, they had Fred playing, who just couldn't reach an overhead kicked cross to the back post.

Brazil's spirited fight back was soon extinguished.

The most complete player in the world, Lahm, found himself with acres of space inside the box after receiving Kedira's pass, he squared the ball and substitute Andre Schürrle did the rest, tapping into the goal.

Schürrle was at it again ten minutes later, latching onto Müller's reverse pass before steadying himself and hitting a fantastic half-volley, which went in off the cross bar.

The Brazil fans stood and applauded that and a performance which was so good that there aren't enough superlatives in the world to do it justice.

Germany were even taking it easy, for their standards, in the second half, as if they were showing pity, but yet they still managed to score two.

Brazil, continued to try, not like it meant anything, Neuer had to get behind Ramires' drive and Oscar toe poked a chance wide when he was played through by Chelsea team mate, Willian.

A German counter attack should have resulted in an eighth, but Özil had no composure in front of goal and slotted his effort wide of the post.

Then a rare moment of hesitation from Neuer,  when he thought about coming out but didn't, which allowed Oscar to flick past George Boateng, then loft the ball into the net, for the most pointless goal ever.

And even though it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, you still have the feeling that it would slightly ruin Germany's day and they'll sure as hell be analysing it and training to avoid it in the days leading up to the final. The mentality of winners.

The full time whistle blew and the floods of tears from both fans and players in yellow, was surely only matched by the flood of beer being drank by delirious Germans.

Embarrassment. Humiliation. The dream of winning the World Cup in their own country, ruined by stupidness, naïvety, lack of composure and in the end, a lack of any real quality at all. After that infamous game in 1950, the day that changed Brazil for ever, the country swapped their white jerseys for yellow. I wouldn't be shocked if we saw another change.

Germany, they are the product of hard work and determination to make a nation a true footballing force. Some lesser nations who have struggled in recent times should consider following their blue print, because they are winners and are of a different level altogether.

Inquests will be made, books will be written, films will be produced and this game will never be forgotten.

Full Time: Brazil 1-7 Germany

90 - Oscar  11 - Müller

23 - Klose

24, 26 - Kroos

29 - Kedira

69, 79, - Scürrle

MOTM: Toni Kroos