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Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers v Bury

So, how did the Wanderers rate against Bury?

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Please note, that all these ratings come from the 90 minutes of play and not extra time. I left early. *Shakes head*.

Adam Bogdan - 6

Assured first start of the season. He could do little about the first goal, but he dealt with everything else comfortably. I feel so much more calm with Bogdan in goal.

Oscar Threlkeld - 4

Looked quite nervy, gave the ball away a few times and made some bizarre decisions, but grew into the game as it went on.

David Wheater - 5

Played surprisingly better than I expected, cut out numerous dangerous crosses with no nonsense clearances, not much got past him in the air and he was quite composed with passing the ball too. I think I'd start him along side Mills against Forest.

Dorian Dervite - 5

A lot more impressive than his last outing, was dominate in the air and looked a bit more comfortable. Still needs time to settle in though and needs to stop hoofing it as much.

Tim Ream - 4

Ream's good form seems to have disintegrated. He can't be blamed for an unfortunate slip that lead to the first goal, but he can most certainly be blamed for his extremely poor tackling and often leaving his centre backs exposed.

Darren Pratley - 2

Slightly improved playing in a deeper position where his footballing frailties were less noticeable, still completely pointless though.

Liam Trotter - 6

Trotter was probably our best player, he was the only one who was willing to get moves started by passing it along the floor, and had Beckford been more competent, would have set up a couple of goals. His upper body strength was useful in winning the ball and keeping it too.

Liam Feeney - 6

Feeney was very direct again and wasn't afraid to take players on, being Bolton's bright spark in attack again. Some of his crosses were very good but were wasted by either a lack of a run or a lack of a finish, a couple of his crosses were over hit, but still very promising.

Rob Hall - 2

Frustratingly weak on the ball, very predictable and no composure when crossing or shooting. Skied a golden chance in the first half.

Jermaine Beckford - 3

He was never on the same wave length as anyone, never anticipated a pass, hardly ever made the right run and when the ball did happen to fall to him, he usually lost it or fluffed his chance. Bone idle in dropping back too.

Connor Wilkinson - 5

Not as good in the air as I presumed he would be, I don't think he won one header.

But he ran tirelessly after every loose ball and demonstrated some very clever touches and the nerve to look for the ball and carry it forwards himself, to try and take responsibility and make something happen.

Probably has a better first touch than the rest of our strike force too.

The substitutes did very little in regulation time.


Hall dreadful, Ream should be dropped, Beckford and Pratley shouldn't play again. Feeney, Bogdan and Trotter need to start on Saturday.

Despite some of the players not playing *too* badly, Bury dominated for most of the game and deserved to win it. Very basics like winning headers and tracking runners were none existent and the 442 which we played left massive gaps which exposed the defensive far too often.

It needs to get fixed.