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Football League to Reintroduce Beam Backs


Paul Thomas

The Football League has today announced the first in the latest series of 'beam back' matches.

Initially, it will be available to fans of Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove Albion and Derby County who will be able towatch coverage of their club playing away from home during midweek following the installation of a fibre-optic network that will eventually link all club stadiums

As a result, clubs may now enter into agreements that will enable the away club to broadcast the match for the benefit of its own fans.

What could be nicer than nipping up to the Reebok midweek, having a pint and something to eat whilst watching Dougie Freedman and his gloriously expansive Bolton Wanderers side eke out a narrow 0-1 defeat to Brentford?

The first set of confirmed matches that will be broadcast (at the away club's ground) will be:

Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion - Tues 19th August (7:45pm)
Derby County v AFC Bournemouth - Tues 30th September (7:45pm)
AFC Bournemouth v Derby County - Tues 10th February (7:45pm)

Granted, nothing beats the live atmosphere of an away ground but for those of us unable to make evening midweek away games then this could be a viable option.

Over to you, Bolton Wanderers.