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Football Manager Parallel Championship Table


In a brief update to proceedings, I've had the following league table sent to me by the good people at Sports Interactive, the brains behind the Football Manager game series:


As readers may know, I am playing through the Championship season as Bolton Wanderers attempting to improve results achieved by Dougie Freedman and his bunch of slackers:

Week One: Watford 1 v 6 Bolton Wanderers

Week Two: Bolton Wanderers 3 v 1 Nottingham Forest

Week Three: Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough - TBA

The Middlesbrough game should be played later tonight.

It would have been contested earlier but I forgot to forward on the email with the details of my opponent from my work email to my home, and so I missed one appointment to get the match sorted.

I fully expect to win given previous results and the fact that we've got this league sewn up and it's not even the fourth week yet.

Piss easy this managerial lark.