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Would you like to join the Lion of Vienna Suite team?

We are looking for contributors. Can you help?

Paul Thomas

Hello, faithful readers.  We here at Lion of Vienna Suite have lofty goals (get it, Lofty?), and one thing we need in order to meet those goals is content, lots of content.  We want to be your source for Bolton Wanderers news and analysis.  Unfortunately, that involves a lot of (voluntary) time and effort.

A few things:

First, you need to be able to write clearly and fluently in English.  This is not a given, even if you have grown up speaking the language.

Second, don't be lazy.  If you send me an email and the subject line says "I want to write ofr yu," I am deleting it.  Proofread what you have written, make sure it is typo-free and makes sense.

Third, write about news, then offer opinions.  There are loads of opinion pieces out there, what we need are people to help us report daily news.  New signings, injury updates, match reports, these are critical to our site.  We love to have our writers offer opinions within these posts, but we need to get the news out there.

What can we offer you?  A platform.  Lion of Vienna Suite has tens of thousands of readers every month, all of whom will be reading (and commenting on) your words.  We also reach loads of people through Twitter and Facebook.  We belong to the SB Nation blog network, which attracts millions of readers every day.

If you are interested, please contact us by writing to  We will respond promptly asking you to submit a post on a given subject, by a deadline.