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Dougie Freedman: Enough is Enough

Time to go, cocker

Stu Forster

Another defeat from Dougie Freedman's Bolton Wanderers.

So it begs the question - when is enough enough?

I'm sure we all saw this interesting statistic posted last week:

This is out of date of course now, but it is indicative of the lack of impact that the Scot has brought to Bolton Wanderers. More and more the success of his first season in almost taking us to the Play Offs appears to have been one massive fluke, as ever since we have seen a deterioration of the sort absent from the club since the late 80s.

We have become a poisonous club. An even worse version of that threatened during the Gary Megson era which seems like a halcyon time in comparison.

I fully appreciate that the manager is working with one hand tied behind his back, but enough is enough. He clearly does not have the nous or ability to eke out a performance from the current crop of players - HIS players - and even though we're only a few weeks into the season you have to say enough is enough.

One point from five games is frightening.

Things are not improving.

They show no sign of improving.

Freedman must lose his job tonight.

Sorry Dougie, but it's just not working out.