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Immediate Reaction: Leeds Utd v Bolton Wanderers

Well it's full time at Elland Road, and Wanderers hopes of putting three points on the board have been ruined after a 1-0 loss. Things look bleak for the men in white & Dougie Freedman.

Charlie Crowhurst

It's getting a little depressing now.

Yeah, Bolton Wanderers may have battered them in the second half, but we still lost... again. So, what now?

As I type I am listening to John McGinlay express exactly how I feel, with the key word being 'negativity.'

I can't remember a team that has played such negative football.

Why would you take off your two best players, whom I outlined in my MOTM report from Crewe, in Jermaine Beckford & Liam Feeney after a much needed confidence boost in midweek? Why have we started with Medo Kamara and Jay Spearing when it doesn't work? Why are we playing the diamond formation? Why are we playing so deep?

Why are we only putting Feeney & Beckford on the pitch for the last 10 minutes, arguably an impossible amount of time to change a game?

It's difficult not to be too negative. I'm trying to look for positives. I look at the #DougieBingo game after the match and try to find some truth to what he is saying.

Are we playing well and just being really really unlucky? Is it that we really deserved to win again today and it's just we haven't taken that chance in the final third?

Is it coming, are we playing nice football at times, with it being just a matter of time before we start winning games?

I am extremely disappointed really. I was tweeting during the match and I read a few peoples opinions, but it was clear how much support has been lost for Dougie Freedman. As a former Dougie supporter, I think I'm losing faith.

It's alright having a blip, but since the start of last season we haven't really done much.

We had a perfect oppertunity today to take advantage of an extremely vulnerable Leeds United side today, who are an absolute joke of a Football Club, and we turn up with our negative approach and throw it away. We can't afford to start winning 15 games into the season.

I can understand us taking positives from the second half, I get that. We battered them, but we couldn't break them down. But how many games now have we come away from and said: 'Oh well we were the better team,' 'we went one nil up' or 'uncharacteristic defensive errors.'

We have to start looking at plan B's in matches, an alternative. I do think we performed well in the second half today, but let's see if we can start doing that for 90 minutes.  

I'll be posting an article in the coming days looking into our squad in a little more detail... but what happens now? Add a player or two? Sack the manager?  

Eddie Davies was apparently at the match today, make of that what you will.

David Wheater went off early on with an injury. Luckily we have a little more depth in the squad this season to cope, but the injuries are mounting up. 

Please put across your opinions because I'm bewildered & frustarted.