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Dougie Freedman "Helping" Scotland U-19 National Team

Have they not been watching our games?

Charlie Crowhurst

News has broken this morning that under-fire Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman has 'earned' a shot at international football with the Scottish Under 19 National team.

Freedman, who presumably should be spending his time concentrating on Wanderers, and not pissing around with distractions like this, has yet to comment - although one national newspaper believes that the Scottish national committee invited him to help out following his successes on coaching courses. Yep.

Scotland's best performance at a European Championship Finals came in 1982, when they won the tournament (although it was the under-18 tournament until 2002). Beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final, the team was managed by Andy Roxburgh and Walter Smith, who would both go on to manage the senior side.

European Football Championship Record

  • 1948-1954 - FIFA Junior Tournament
  • 1955-1980 - UEFA Junior Tournament
  • 1981-2001 - UEFA European U-18 Championship
  • 2002-present - UEFA European U-19 Championship