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Lion of Vienna Suite & Football Manager Team-Up!

Exciting news at LOV towers

Clint Hughes

As we are, in our opinion, the biggest and best Bolton Wanderers fan-site out there, it is only natural that we look to the biggest and the best partnerships in order to bring you some new and interesting content ahead of the 2014/15 Championship season.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the makers of the Football Manager series of games to bring you "Football Manager's Parallel Championship".

This friendly competition will see supporter websites and blogs associated with teams in the Championship playing against each other over the course of the season to see if they can better their team's real life performances, all utilising Football Manager 2014.

So, this weekend will see me, on behalf of Lion of Vienna Suite, taking on my Watford counterpart in a 'Versus' game using a Bolton squad as provided by the makers of the game, Sports Interactive.

Be sure to check back here after the weekend for news and updates as to how I get on.

Wish me luck.