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Immediate Reaction: Watford 3 v Bolton Wanderers 0

What the hell was that?!!??

Now that is how you defend!
Now that is how you defend!
Alex Livesey

It was a steaming pile of crap, that's what it was.  It was more poor defending from Bolton Wanderers.  More and more and more poor defending.  The defending has been crap for over four years now, ever since Gary Megson left.  Dougie Freedman still has not fixed it.  This is what happens when you don't defend.  You get torn apart.

People in the terraces, as well as on the internet, are going to be talking about the need for a striker.  That's something we do need, but it was irrelevant today.  You could count on one hand the number of balls that were even played in the general direction of Craig Davies in the first seventy minutes.  We could have had Pele playing striker for us today and it wouldn't have mattered.  You can't score when you don't have the ball.  And our forward never had the ball.  Why did he never have the ball?  Because our defending is crap.

We play Bury on Tuesday.  Our near neighbors.  Bury is tiny.  The club are in a lower division.  They nearly disappeared from existence not too long ago.  So the question, why do I feel like I better get good and drunk before that match?  If nothing else, that will make the #Freedmanbingo more enjoyable.