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5 Things: Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers

Here goes nothing...

He used to play for us....
He used to play for us....
Bryn Lennon

1. The supporters have completely lost faith in Freedman

This has been brewing for a long time now, however the fans' true emotions boiled over at Elland Road this weekend. I joined 1,185 fellow Wanderers fans in making the trip to Yorkshire and once again, we were let down. Despite bringing a relatively low number of supporters we were in fine voice as we sang and danced throughout the opening stages of the game at Elland Road, however our misplaced optimism soon changed to frustration as we saw Freedman's men squander another opportunity for 3 points.

At the interval some of the outcries from the Bolton side were heard as many frustrated fans booed and chanted asking the Scotsman to sort it out, after what was in truth a dire first half of football. 'Freedman, time to go, Freedman Freedman time to go' was sung even louder at the final whistle, does anyone still really believe that he is the right man for the job?

2. Hayden White isn't ready for first team football

Due to both Dean Moxey and Kevin McNaughton still suffering from injuries, Dougie Freedman handed the former Sheffield Wednesday right-back, Hayden White, a chance to impress and to stake his claim for a regular starting role, it's fairly safe to say that he didn't take that chance.

I'm a huge advocate for youngsters getting their chance and developing in the first team although I don't think that White is just ready for that transition yet. He had a torrid time in the first half of the game and saw every pass that he made go straight to a player in a white Leeds United shirt. White can hardly take full responsibility for Stephen Warnock's fluke cross that somehow found its way into the bottom corner of Bogdan's goal, however the travesty may have been averted if he had been marking the former Bolton Wanderers loanee tighter.

In his defence he did have a better second half which saw him make a serious of adventurous runs down the right wing. Hopefully this was just an off day for the 19 year old as he has the credentials to be a success at the club.

3. Their keeper was quite good

The former Italy u21 international, Marco Silvestri, made his fifth appearance for the West Yorkshire club on Saturday, and he did very well. He made arguably his finest save in the seventh minute, Joe Mason had lost marker Jason Pearce through the middle and saw his powerful shot cleverly tipped against the bar by Silvestri.

He was again under fire during the final minutes of the game, however he managed to keep out Jermaine Beckford's goal-bound header and then somehow cling on to the second ball in which was a very chaotic goalmouth scramble. Although he was voted man of the match and massively over milked his celebrations at the end, the majority of shots were straight at him.

Give him credit where it's due, he was brave and commanding to come and make the saves although his lap of honour at the end was slightly uncalled for. We had 22 shots, compared to the host's 8, with 8 of ours being on target, and only 2 for Leeds United, is it more down to our poor finishing then it is a strong display in goals from the young Italian?

4. Jermaine Beckord is more stupid than I had ever imagined

We have already published an article questioning Beckford's gesture at Elland Road, however I couldn't leave out such a momentous event, what was he thinking? In doing such a stupid gesture he upset so many of his own supporters, 'what shirt were you wearing blad!?'

I have seen both sides of this argument, however I can't comprehend how you can't be annoyed with our 'lethal striker'. Paying respect to your former fans is brilliant and I would always encourage it, especially if you're a 'legend' at the place. However there's a time and a place for gestures like this, and Beckford got it horribly wrong.

He can have his little wave or trademark thumbs up before or after the game, NOT during it, and ESPECIALLY NOT if we are trailing 1 nil and are desperately pushing for an equaliser in the game.

He should have been focusing on trying to hit the back of the net (something that our Jermaine has difficulties doing) rather than waving to your beloved Leeds fans. In my opinion he deserved the severe uproar that came afterwards, he'll probably feel a sense of achievement now that he trended locally on twitter that evening.

He played it wrong, as simple as that.

When Kevin Nolan came back to the Reebok wearing a Newcastle shirt the Reebok faithful gave him a very warm reception BEFORE the game had kicked off, once the whistle is blown you forget all that and do what you're paid to do.

On that day, we did and came out 5.1 winners, however did Beckford do what he was paid to do? Unfortunately not. Football is becoming too nice, I don't care if they sing your name of proclaim you as one of their own, you do not react to it during a match.

Beating his heart towards the Leeds fans when he left the pitch was certainly not a wise move from the 30 year old. He's successfully gone from a hero, after his antics in the cup, to zero in the space of 5 days.

The only consolation for Beckford is that we now have an international break to let everyone calm down after Saturday, it's still hard to call how the fans will react to him when we play Sheffield Wednesday at home in a fortnight.

5. Football fans can sometimes unite for good

Rival football fans have nothing in common and usually struggle to agree on anything, for example the old Lancashire vs Yorkshire argument.

The supporters usually tend to spend the game singing about the their counterparts' family or even how they engage in sexual relations with sheep, however this stopped for around 10 minutes as both sets of supporters united for good.

Both clubs are extremely lucky to have it in common that the late Gary Speed played for them, so instead of taking part in pointless 'banter' we united and paid respect to a true great.

Gary Speed enjoyed a very successful period at Elland Road as he made 248 appearances for Leeds United from 1988 to 1996, it was brilliant to hear both sets of supporters remember a legend. Chants of 'Speedo, Speedo' echoed around the old stadium which were then followed by both supporters uniting in singing 'There's only one Gary Speed' in perfect unison.

Although it's only a small gesture of our gratitude it was brilliant to hear both the Bolton and Leeds fans uniting in paying their respects to such a great man.