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Bolton Wanderers: The Most Ridiculous Thing of All

After another terrible display....

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The conman is STILL in a job.

That's right.

Dougie Freedman, erstwhile manager of Bolton Wanderers. Still in a job. Let that sink in.

Bolton Wanderers find themselves third bottom of the Championship behind Blackpool and Fulham - two clubs in absolute disarray. The most ridiculous thing of all? Freedman is still manager of Bolton Wanderers.

Working on what we are told is a shoe-string budget - a budget that is large enough for him to hand out sizeable contracts to ex-teammates and former Crystal Palace players en masse - Freedman has assembled the most god-awful Bolton Wanderers squad in living memory.

It's getting beyond the joke.

The man couldn't get a tune from a piano.

How he is still employed is the privilege of Eddie Davies and Phil Gartside - the men in charge of the football club.

I implore you both to look at what is happening and take action. The man MUST be removed as manager forthwith.

This tweet sums up my feelings perfectly: