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Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday

The ratings are plummeting.

Matthew Lewis

Another Bolton Wanderers fixture, another night of disappointment.

I thought we actually played alright in the early stages of the game, Mason, Lee and M Davies were linking together really nicely and we were moving the ball around well with quick, short passes. However, a final ball was missing.

As the game wore on Sheffield Wednesday took control and we didn't even have a sniff in the second half. Our attackers were left isolated, and our defence left exposed to due the incompetence of our centre midfielders.

How we didn't lose the game I'll never know, but we have Lonergan, Mills and Dervite to thank for it.

Here's how I thought the players rated individually:

Andy Lonergan - 7

I've regularly been a massive critic of Lonergan, and rightfully so, but his performance against Sheffield Wednesday was encouraging and one of the only positives that can actually be taken from what was an inconceivably shit Bolton showing. Instead of doing his usual party tricks of parrying everything that came his way, he kept hold of crosses that were fired at him, he was quick and dominant when coming off his line and made a couple of crucial saves.

Tim Ream - 5

Probably Tim's best performance of the season, despite the fact he played at right back. He did well, with very little getting past him. He obviously had some issues with using his right foot, so was often spending too long on the ball to get it back on to his left and he was nearly punished after making a massive cock up at the end, but it was an improvement.

Matt Mills - 6

Another very solid performance from Mills, who has easily been our most consistent performer this season. He made countless vital tackles, blocks and clearances, even clearing a certain goal of the line at one point. Wednesday were attacking our goal for all of the second half, and it was mainly due to Mills and Dervite (and Sheffield's dreadful shooting) that they didn't break through. He really needs to stop those long diagonals though.

Dorian Dervite - 6

Dervite seems to be settling into the side now and he, just like Mills, was very solid and resolute at the back, he also used the ball very well too. My only concern is, is that he seems like he's got a real clanger or two in him

Dean Moxey - 2

Moxey, just like on his debut, was hopeless. He couldn't defend, the most basics of requirements really; he coudn't attack, a nice bonus for a full back and for most of the game, he couldn't even stay on his sodding feet. Dreadful. When he wasn't letting attack after attack glide past without the slightest bit of resistance, he was either miss-controlling the ball or passing it to no where. I've yet to come on a final judgement of Moxey, as he has only played two games, but he's had an awful start.

Jay Spearing - 2

The fact that Spearing has been rendered undroppable due to his captaincy is saddening, because he's been consistently bad for about a year now. His passing is woeful, he either always plays it safe and sideways or plays it straight to an opponent. In one particular instance in the first half Davies asked for the ball to be played into his feet, for some unknown reason Spearing decided to just twat the ball in the air in his general direction. Possession was lost.

He really needs to be dropped because it doesn't matter who he's partnered with in the centre, our midfield is still fragile and porous, and when Spearing is the common denominator in every partnership, it's time he was removed and something completely different got tested. He isn't a leader, he shies away from the more risky options, spends his time finger pointing and never taken responsibility.

He had a sweet tan though.

Owen Garvan - 2

Why on Earth have we signed this fellow? He's utter garbage. He can't even pass a ball forwards for Christ sake. I would much, much rather finally see Vela given a chance, instead of getting another failed footballer to take up the spot. Even if Vela really isn't good enough yet, which I don't believe, I'd still rather have him in the team and fail, than Owen fucking Garvan. I even remarked during the game "I bet he gives the ball away and they score from it", if it wasn't for Lonergan that prediction would have come true. He's a bad footballer and he really shouldn't be in the team again.

Chung-Yong Lee - 4

Fresh from captaining his country, Chungy was bright in the early stages of the game and was showing some nice touches and linking with Mason and Davies well. But much like Bolton's performance, he faded away very quickly.

Mark Davies - 5

Even though Davies has only just returned from injury, he was the one cause of excitement for Bolton fans, when he was on the ball things seemed to open up and it looked like anything could happen. His passing was a little rusty, but that'll return with games. As Wednesday started to take control of the game, however, the ball found Davies less and less as the minutes wore on and he struggles to get involved, but his return is promising and it was just nice to see him playing again.

Liam Feeney - 5

Feeney was let down by his manager today. He had the beating of his man every time on the lefthand side, but he isn't a left winger, so after he'd gotten to the dangerous position his cross was either with his weaker foot or he'd have to slow the game down by cutting back inside to cross. The result on each occasion was the same, a really bad ball. It's so obvious that Feeney needs to be on the right side to be effective, but Freedman didn't move him there until we'd already surrendered all possession to Sheffield.

Joe Mason - 3

Apart from a couple of good runs in the opening ten minutes, Mason was, again, invisible through out. It wasn't all his fault though, he was left incredibly isolated and everyone knows he isn't the type of striker who can play upfront on his own, well, apart from Dougie apparently.


Jermaine Beckford - N/A

Came on, got booed, fell over. Made for a bit of comedy.

Darren Pratley - N/A

Did whatever Pratley does.

Craig Davies - N/A

Hustled and harried, but saw very little of the ball.