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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers v Sheffield Wednesday

One massive 90-minute long 'meh' fest.

Tom Shaw

Jesus wept.

Here we go:

1) Owen Garvan

I'm sure Dougie Freedman thinks that he's signed some sort of Aldi-version of Angel di Maria, or a LIDL-Mesut Ozil. What we have signed though, it seems, is the second coming of Gareth Farrelly.

Slow, ponderous and lacking in ANY sort of impact whatsoever, Garvan appears to be the ideal Dougie Freedman midfielder.

I know it's his first game etc, but seriously, what is the point of bringing in some journeyman midfielder to stink up the joint and further stunt the progress of the likes of Josh Vela and Andy Kellett?

I'm sure if we sign this Williams fella then that'll be another nail in the coffin of a pair of promising academy graduates.

Well done Dougie - at least your mate Hughes got on the bench eh?

2) Dean Moxey

I didn't go to the pre-season game at the Reebok when Moxey had a shocker.

I didn't go to Watford, when Moxey had a shocker.

I was there yesterday however, when Moxey had a shocker.

Seriously. Was he doing it on purpose?

If our academy can't produce a better left-back than Moxey then we might as well shut the place down.


3) I Was There When....

Lennie Lawrence moved!

I know!

Ridiculous right? It was during the second half following yet another baffling decision from referee Haines which saw the Wanderers assistant manager leap from his chair in a never-before-seen display of activity.

I had thought he was a mannequin, but wow. What a move from the man!

To think some said that he was just a passive member of the backroom staff.

How foolish must you be feeling today?

4) Dougie Freedman Must Be Sacked Immediately


He had the chance to win back a bit of good faith yesterday following the latest round of awful performances. Instead he dropped Craig Davies and Neil Danns, played a lone striker in Joe Mason who can't play as a lone striker, played Liam Feeney, a right winger, on the left where he can't cross, and played Tim Ream, a left footed centre half at right back.

Then for a laugh he brought on Darren Pratley, (leaving Danns on the bench) to bring on his mate Jermaine Beckford

Nice one Dougie!

After that he moved the anonymous Chung Yong Lee into the middle to replace Mark Davies, leaving the aforementioned Feeney on the left, despite him not once crossing the ball with his left peg.

Feeney can cross a ball with his right - why didn't he move the lad to the right wing so he can chuck some crosses into the box for Davies to attack

Baffling stuff from Freedman.

Standard though

Not to mention the five man midfield that was overrun throughout by Wednesday who must be devastated that they didn't get the win they richly deserved.

His constant selection of Jay Spearing is another stick to beat him with. I liked how when Dougie's captain and favourite player in the world gave the ball away (with almost every single pass), he either blamed the person who he was aiming at, or pointed to the space he telepathically told the Bolton player to move to. Magic.

Two points from a possible 18.

It's entirely likely we'll be in a poorer position after ten games this season than we did last year when we didn't win until the 11th.

Have ANY of his signings improved the team? No. He must be doing a WONDERFUL job behind the scenes to justify still being in a job - because the on-field performances just get worse.

I'm dreading Rotherham on Tuesday. At this rate they'll dick us - with Luciano Becchio (another striker we couldn't afford, supposedly) no doubt in town to notch the winner.

Freedman must go.


5) Well Done North Stand

As some of you know, lifelong Bolton Wanderers supporter Peter Mather sadly passed away last weekend.

Known to many as 'Mavs' and to some as @WalkdenWhite on Twitter, he was a devoted family fan and loyal Wanderers fan and he will be greatly missed.

Throughout the game the North Stand was heard to sing 'There's Only One Peter Mather', which warmed even this cynical heart.

There have been flags on Facebook tribute pages etc too - all in his honour.

Well done one and all. A fitting tribute. Shame the team didn't put in similar effort.