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Immediate Reaction: Bolton Wanderers v Rotherham United

Well, there you have it. Seven games and we finally have a win on the board. As always, I had confidence coming into the match that we could beat Rotherham quite comfortably. Although that wasn't quite the case. I'm pleased with the result, but what exactly does it say about us?

Charlie Crowhurst

I think the main focus point from tonight should be our victory. We got a much needed win and a welcome boost in confidence, and there are positives to take from the game, but as always a few negatives as well.

At half time, had the score stayed the same, I think Dougie Freedman would have got the boot. I think it would have been the final curtain call, had we lost to Rotherham United at home. But luckily, a first hat trick in over 10 years since Fredi Bobic saved Freedman from a sacking. It was great to see Joe Mason score so many goals, there's no doubting he can finish well, it's just getting him to have that accuracy and focus to do it more regularly. He could have scored 5 tonight if he had been slightly more composed in front of goal.

Craig Davies yet again played extremely well tonight, and still should be in there for MOTM because he has continued his fantastic run of form since returning from Preston.

I think we were unlucky to go one down if I'm honest, but that's where we found ourselves, but it was good to see that we didn't just let our heads go down. With the team low on confidence, to come from behind, then have to score after being pegged back level, shows determination. That's how I want to see a Bolton Wanderers side react after going one down.

Rotherham gave it a bloody good go though, there are still problems with our leaky defence. Should we really be conceding two goals at home? Shouldn't we really be walking all over teams like Rotherham? Maybe this is actually the win that kick starts our season. We must have the strength to try and string some wins together now. We can't go back to losing ways. If we do, tonight's victory has only given Freedman slightly more time. Fans are getting extremely upset and fan power is strong at our club, we only have to look at Gary Megson to see how that turned out.

Its also great to see Mark Davies back in the team and playing without getting injured. Hopefully he will be a staple in the team sheet each week and we build our squad around the talented creative man. His creative ability is clear for all to see, albeit he does look slightly rusty, but that's going to happen until he gets a few games under his belt.

Either way, we got what we needed. It may not have been pretty, but we achieved our first three points and some confidence going into our next game. Who knows, if we win a few more on the bounce we will suddenly be looking at the play offs, forgetting all about Freedman's early disasters this season.

We shall see!