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Transfer news: Bolton Wanderers to sign Paddy Kenny

Adam Bogdan is out injured for up to two months, and Bolton Wanderers are a little light on coverage in goal. But that's no problem a lumbering Irishman can't solve.

Matthew Lewis

Bolton Wanderers number 1 goalkeeper is Adam Bogdan, and has been for a couple of seasons now.  Unfortunately, over the last year or so the Hungarian International has had trouble staying healthy.  At the moment, he is out for eight weeks with a finger injury.  Andy Lonergan is a fairly capable backup, but the only coverage behind him is young Ross Fitzsimon.  Dougie Freedman is not satisfied with that, nor should he be.

The solution, at least in Dougie's eyes, is a short-term contract for Paddy Kenny.  The 36-year-old former Republic of Ireland international was out of contract this summer and decided not to return to Leeds United.  Since he is a free agent, Kenny can sign with Bolton Wanderers outside of the transfer window.

Kenny has made many stops over his long career, including Sheffield United, Leeds United, Queens Park Rangers, and our own near-neighbors Bury.  He has basically always been first choice at each of those clubs, and left when he was no longer first choice, often after a very public falling out with management, ownership, and anyone else within shouting distance.

I don't know that Andy Lonergan is decisively better than Kenny.  In fact, I don't know if he is at all better than Kenny.  Given Kenny's previous behavior when kept out of the first team we could be in for an exciting coupe of months.