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Yannick Bastos: Dougie's Most Despicable Act Yet!

Is there no end to the man's evil?

Paul Thomas

News has broken today of Dougie Freedman's callous and cold-hearted decision to let everyone's second favourite Luxembourgian go (first being Tatiana Fabeck, a Luxembourger architect who since 1996 has run her own business in Koerich, Luxembourg. Fabeck was born in Luxembourg. After completing her schooling at the Lycée Michel Rodange in Luxembourg, Fabeck studied architecture at the École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris where she graduated in 1994.
In 2011, she won first prize in the competition Vivre sans voiture (Living without a car) aimed at designing housing without garages or parking spaces in the Limpertsberg district of Luxembourg City to allow for more living space. In 2008, she won the competition for the Maison des sciences humaines in Belval, part of the expanding University of Luxembourg. Fabeck has also been successful in a number of other competitions organised by the City of Luxembourg including the Plan lumière (together with the Frenchman Yann Kersalé) in 2006 (but that's all we know about her - we're no experts)).

21-year-old winger Bastos left Bolton Wanderers after Dougie's dastardly deed, following the supposed 'mutual' (yeah right) cancellation of his contract at the Reebok.

The lad joined Wanderers from homeland club FC Differdange in January and ripped up precisely no trees along the way.

Good luck bro x