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MOTM: Bolton Wanderers v Rotherham United

Finally we have our win - so who was Man of the Match?

Clint Hughes

An interesting fact about 'Man of the Match' is that you're not actually allowed to call it 'Man of the Match' any more. Nowadays you have to call the award 'Player of the Match' so as not to offend any gender-equality types. True fact.

Anyway, as well know, Bolton Wanderers finally managed to win a match - relieving some of the pressure on under-fire manager Dougie Freedman.

The game finished 3-2 to the home side, as one particularly prophetic international football expert predicted:

In normal circumstances you'd have to expect that a player such as Joe Mason who won the game for Wanderers with his second half hat-trick would be the winner of the Man of the Match award, but such was the performance of his strike partner Craig Davies that I am going to hand the metaphorical prize to the Welshman instead of his Irish counterpart.

Davies provided echoes of his namesake Kevin in his pomp with a superb display of strength and positional play. The only thing missing (and this is a familiar complaint with him) was a goal. He really does need to add this to his impressive all-round game and he would become even more crucial to us than he currently is.

He made sure that the Rotherham defence had barely a minute to themselves, and this gave Wanderers a platform to gain an invaluable victory.

Well done Craigy D.