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Deadline Day: We've Been Failed

Post deadline day hangover.

We couldn't give him away
We couldn't give him away
Matthew Lewis

As deadline day comes and goes for another transfer window, and clubs up and down the country marvel over their sparkling, new, last minute signings, us suffering Bolton Wanderers fans were left, once again, wondering why we even bothered to stay up and suffer the unnecessarily excitable ramblings of that blithering idiot in the yellow tie, as he reported on just where Tom Cleverly may end up and near-on climaxed at the thought of a Harry Redknapp interview.

Whilst most fans either got excited at the prospect of their club doing some late business or watched the calamity calmly, knowing that their clubs had got all theirs wrapped up well in advance, Bolton fans sat waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for something, anything, to be announced. Even though all the while we knew that those bells would ring at 11 o'clock with us signing no one.

And so they did.

To put it simply fellow Wanderers, we've been failed.

* By Freedman's 'patient' transfer strategy.

* By the lack of funding.

* By the complete ineptitude from everyone with in the club.

I wasn't asking for much, I know we're in an intangible financial position and things are hard, but when we haplessly watch as every single possible striker target goes to clubs we should easily be competing with, then something is wrong.

When the news broke of Luciano Becchio heading to Rotherham on loan, I nearly had a full on break down. The whole window has felt like we're continuously going to weddings where our lifetime crush is tying the knot with some dickhead.

The facts are: that we've only signed three players who weren't here last season, one of them being a third choice goalkeeper. I have to imagine that figure is perilously low compared to nearly every other team in the league.

We've only got three strikers. Three.

Three which probably won't get 15 goals between them.

We now have to rely on yet even more scraps and hand outs once the loan window opens, if we don't get those scraps we could be in some serious trouble, but, we will be until Freedman is sacked anyway.

At least, at the very, very least, we've managed to keep hold of Mark Davies and especially Adam Bogdan. I don't know what I would have done with my self if they'd have been sold.

The transfer window has been a failure, our club is in a mess and the disconnect between the club and the fans we feared so greatly under Megson is now more prevalent than ever.

But we'll soldier on, and we'll support those shit bastards wearing the white shirt until it no longer exists.

Besides, well ran and organised clubs get all their business done before deadline day to avoid all the chaos.