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Immediate Reaction: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers

It's a crash back down to the relegation-threatened world for Bolton as we slipped to yet another away defeat.

Clint Hughes

Our first win of the season on Tuesday meant there was a little more optimism that we could pull another win out of the bag for this weekend's trip to Wolverhampton. Of course, being Bolton Wanderers fans, we were let down.

A lot of the time, I and many more blame the lack of attacking creativity as one of our downfalls. This again was present for the first half of this game. Very few chances came Bolton's way in the first period and the opposite could be said for Wolves' half. A lot of pressure on the Bolton back line resulted in Nouha Dicko scoring just before half-time, undoing all of Bolton's stubborn resistance. This resulted in a lot of frustration, certainly on my part.

That word, frustration, would perfectly sum up Bolton's second half. We created chance after chance, and a penalty....Owen Garvan took it, despite the pleas of Joe Mason, and it was saved, a little unsurprising in my opinion. Joe Mason had a few chances to add to his tally but it wasn't to be. A massively frustrating display from Bolton once again,which has now ruined many people's Saturday.

It's all well and good to dominate part of  a match,  but the skill is in transforming that domination into goals and results, and this can be done in the 35 minutes we were on top for. If you can't do this, you won't win many games. It needs sorting out.

Hey-ho, Chelsea away on Wednesday night, woo-hoo, how entertaining that promises to be.